Levi’s Story

Fight The Good Fight

Levi helps run his certified organic family farm in Eugene, where he spends most of his time solving day-to-day problems that any farm has with machines, animals, and plants.

Levi also has a master's degree in governance from University College London and dabbles in robotics, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, and microbial fuel cells (mud microbes that make electricity) in his free time.

In the past, Levi has worked in many countries for over a decade as a humanitarian solving social problems such as social entrepreneurship with rural women in Bangladesh with BRAC and Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, helping manage endangered national forests and rare species with USAID, providing care to Sudanese war refugees in Egypt, and working with stateless people who fall between the cracks in society in many nations.

Most recently, Levi worked in a leadership program for SEIU 503 to help promote the rights of homecare workers in Oregon in 2019-20. This helps not only persons with disabilities but also is one of the largest jobs in Oregon – especially in rural communities.

Levi’s theme is that of service. At home, abroad, or in his community.